WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Birthday Celebrations

WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Birthday Celebrations

Winter wonderland is not so wonderful when you’re on a college campus. Walking to class can be torturous if you don’t cover up and add lots of layers. There is wind burn and snow, and sometimes you feel like your fingers and nose might just fall off. Here in Connecticut, jackets, layers, and booties/boots are pretty much a necessity when you go anywhere outside.

Now, take going out at night. Mixing the perfect amount of cute and not freezing your bum off, can be very difficult. This Fashionista has mastered the stylish but warm look. She has layers with her cute flowy top that is basic and can match anything. On top, she is wearing a jacket that can keep you warm, but is still light enough to be tied around your waist.  She pairs this with dark skinny jeans, which are essential to staying warm, but are perfect for going out and pairing with almost anything. Most Fashionistas at our school are known for wearing jeans and a cute top when going out. This Fashionista took it to another level and added some statement pieces, one being a statement necklace. Statement necklaces are one of my favorite ways to dress up a simple outfit. That and the perfect shoe, the other statement piece. A shoe that matches your outfit will really take your outfit to a new level. Booties are in right now and this Fashionista is in love with her black lace-up ones and that’s why she chose to wear them for her birthday celebrations.

The main points are that basics, with some statement pieces, are what make a good outfit. Fill your closet with the basics and spice up with shoes and jewelry for special occasions (like your birthday), and don’t forget to dress warm during these chilly winter months. We don’t need any Fashionistas getting hypothermia out there.

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