January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

The East Coast is known for its brutal winters but this year, New Yorkers are experiencing a warmer season than usual. Without missing a beat, many are taking advantage of the pleasant temperature and opting for lighter clothing. Fashion lovers are happily putting away their heavy coats to show off their new outfits for the new year.

Likewise, this Fashionista traded her wool coat for this Forever 21 cream moto jacket. It is a refreshing sight compared to the darker shades typically seen during bleak winters. Her choice of outerwear gives off an overall brighter look and translates to a happy vibe. She also chose to pair her airy white tank with every girl’s trusty old friend, blue skinny jeans. They always come in handy when nothing else seems to be fitting. This Fashionista is sporting shoes from Macy’s. The classic black ankle booties are essential during the winter season. They’re comfortable enough to take on the busy streets of New York while bringing out her chic aura.

But wait, her look is not complete without accessories. To match the soft colors she’s wearing on top, she is carrying a dusty pink KORS Michael Kors leather satchel bag. This shoulder bag is a must-have because its versatile look can go with formal attire or even a casual look. Besides, small bags are everything. They don’t get in the way and are easy to carry while managing to hold all the basic necessities. However, her most eye-catching accessories are her gold necklaces. They add a sophisticated spark to her whole look. The two necklaces are a match made in heaven. The simplicity of the Swarovski crystal bar necklace adds flair while keeping the spotlight on the Macy’s cubic pendant necklace. They are perfect to wear with a low top like the one she has on. In addition to her necklaces, the Fashionista is also donning the trendy midi rings and a double bar ring from Etsy.

However, be sure to layer up, as she did with her cardigan because the weather can change in an instant. Her incorporation of neutral colors are easy on the eye and since it is fairly simple, she threw in some jewelry for a more feminine and playful look.

One Simple Change: Dying to try this look out during the spring? Just lose the jacket and throw on a neutral colored cardigan. If you want to go the extra mile, switch out of the booties and into some flats.