January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is the season to wear comfortable, warm and, of course, very stylish clothes. The best part is that you can mix and match many of the same sweaters, scarves, boots and other winter accessories to create a variety of fun looks. I absolutely adore when Fashionistas/os use their creativity and style to turn every cold winter day into a daily fashion runway.

This Fashionisto truly caught my attention with his bright attitude, trendy outfit and fun style. He was wearing the ideal outfit for the season composed with many layers to keep himself warm and with the right details to show off his personality. I love the floral detail on his button-up shirt since it brought more life and individuality to the Fashionisto’s look. It was a great idea to then top it off with a gray sweater to neutralize the overly detailed shirt and match the colorful floral elements to a red coat.

The colors perfectly matched and the overall result could not look any better. Bringing more life and color to those dark winter days is an amazing option to keep a more cheerful and lively mood. To complete the outfit, the Fashionisto chose the right pair of neutral shoes to go with his vivid attire. Needless to say, he truly rocked his outfit and passed on brightness to anyone around him.

One Simple Change: There is one simple step if you would like to turn this cheerful winter look into a spring one: switch the pants into either a black or dark gray pair of shorts and you will be good to go to enjoy a warm spring day. The floral-detailed shirt is not only trendy, but it also perfect for the spring season!