When coming home for winter break, it is important to combine being comfortable and having an eye-catching style to impress all the folks back home. This Fashionista did exactly that! It is easy to slip into some black leggings and a big sweater and call it a day, but she takes her look a step further by adding color to her winter pallet. Her outfit takes some ‘70s boho inspiration using different colors as well as knitwear and flare pants. Standing out from the crowd, she influences others by showing there is no need to resort to the basic black wardrobe all winter.

In the outfit, this Fashionista used many textures and colors to enhance her outfit. Her pants are enhanced by the gold corduroy bringing the flare pant to the next level. Also her shoes are perfectly paired to her pants making them blend together creating a color-block illusion with the rest of her outfit. On top, this Fashionista has on an essential cream turtleneck that is a staple in any closet. The neutral turtleneck can be paired with any bottom from winter to spring to complete any look.

Her coat is also very on trend with the colored faux fur. Adding a statement piece like a deep navy or forest green faux fur can complete any look. Not only does her coat have a RAD fur hood, but also some great detailing on the arms. It is a great way to face the cold weather and show off your style. The arms have floral embellishing on each side adding another element to her outfit . Finally, her last accessory that complements her outfit are red mirror aviator Ray-Bans that contrast her blonde hair. The flash lenses are a great accessory to add a burst of color. This Fashionista battled the cold with a warm colorful look.

One Simple Change: Take off your coat and stay awhile. When you are heading out for the night you can swap out the coat and sweater for an off-the-shoulder top.