January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is my favorite time of year because you can play around with your wardrobe so much. It also means winter break, which makes it easy to play around with your clothes and get your creative juices flowing again. Winter break is the perfect time to mix and match pieces of clothing that have been in the way back of your closet to create a fun and funky outfit. The lack of super cold weather has given us Fashionistas the opportunity to have more room to play around with different pieces and I’m super happy about it; this way, you can turn a fall look into a winter look by simply switching accessories from brown to black.

This Fashionista is the perfect example of this, strutting around town in a fall-turned-winter outfit and looking great (and comfortable) while doing so. This is a cute, casual look to wear while running errands or shopping that can easily be worn at a bar or party, as well. She took destroyed boyfriend jeans and paired them with a sheer, white blouse and a patterned vest. The different textures of the blouse and vest give the look dimension. Slip on a cute pair of booties and your winter look is complete.

This Fashionista grabbed her go-to Louis Vuitton bag, added a subtle brown lipstick and was out the door looking casual and chic in her winter wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Celebrating with friends and need a creative outfit? Easy peasy. Swap the vest for a sleek, black leather jacket and add some statement jewelry. Your friends will be showering you with compliments on your super trendy outfit that you must’ve spent hours on (when really you were out the door in minutes).