December 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Winter weather got you down? Not feelin’ the snow and ice cold wind? Never fear, this Fashionista has the perfect solution to creating a little holiday cheer to your life (and wardrobe).

First off, let’s talk about that faux fur, leather and suede trio. These three materials happen to be my winter-wear obsessions, so I was pretty pumped to see this outfit walking around Iowa City. Incorporating these materials into your winter outfits is a perfect way to stay warm without looking like that little bundled up kid from A Christmas Story. Take this route instead and invest in a cozy vest to throw over your basics. If a vest isn’t your jam, take a look at a faux fur coat or suede dress.

Next up: the leggings. Follow her lead and toss in a little leather and add some edge. For my short girls, myself included, pair your leggings with some black booties to continue the line and make your legs look a little longer. Works every time. For extreme warmth on a chilly day, wear those fuzzy socks you just got from your secret Santa. Who can say no to fun socks?

Lastly, keep your jewelry simple. Chances are you already have a few layers on, so don’t clutter your outfit up with excessive jewelry. This Fashionista looks bomb with only a simple watch and necklace. Less is more, friends.

One Simple Change: Remember that fur coat I mentioned earlier? Swap out the vest for a fur coat and you’re ready to hit the town.