December 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

What do you do when the holiday season is here—in all of its jolly, shimmering glory—yet the temperature refuses to take the hint?

You bust out your finest layering skills and keep it moving! This District has certainly been keeping it warm these past few weeks, but this Fashionisto refuses to let the unseasonably warm weather dampen his holiday spirit. Here he uses some of my favorite layering techniques in order create a festive, weather-appropriate ensemble.

The combination of his vintage army green bomber jacket and the plaid button-down work together to create a surprisingly merry look—without looking like a candy cane-loving lumberjack. Leaving the plaid shirt unbuttoned over a basic cotton T-shirt ensures that the outfit remains casual and trendy.

By pairing the look with well-fitting black skinny jeans, this Fashionisto avoids a classic male fashion dilemma: dad jeans. His jeans are just snug enough so that you can see the outline of his leg, without looking overly tight. He finishes off his look with a stylish pair of glasses, worn-in Chelsea boots and flourishing facial hair. His glasses define his face in an extremely flattering way, and the rounded frames scream “hip” in the best way possible. After seasons of the military boot reigning as the winter boot du jour, I’m excited to see the sleek Chelsea boot make an appearance.

One Simple Change: Search for a luxurious down coat for when the winter weather truly kicks in. You certainly don’t want to be caught with naught but a thin jacket and a flimsy button-down. The more coats, the merrier!