You might think the spring season is all about the blooming flowers, bright skies and the smell of fresh cut grass after the rain. But here in Boston, our spring semester better be called polar vortex season, classes included and all. It leaves us no choice but to bundle up, or as I like to call it, chunk it up. For me to survive this unbearable cold, I must wear everything chunky, cozy and warm.

This Fashionisto knows exactly what I am talking about. Chunky scarf, chunky sweater, chunky boots and a killer chunky denim jacket—he’s all set. The thing about winter wear, is that color-blocking and fabric combination seem to fall into place every time you try to combine your go-to items of the season. I love how the olive green of the sweater brings together the roughness of the gray denim jacket and the smoothness of the light blue jeans. Also, we have pattern playing with the plaid scarf and the backpack print which gives the outfit a little extra something. The whole ensemble looks effortless, and almost slouchy; yet, the palette of colors brings it all together. I can already tell that the denim jacket will be the staple that transitions from winter to summer. That is very important for budget-saving shopping. Buy items that can work for any season.

If I had to choose an essential item to wear every single day for the polar vortex semester, it would be a chunky plaid scarf. It keeps you warm, it is super stylish and it can double as a cozy blanket. My favorite one is from Zara and it has saved me from freezing. Speaking of which, it is 4°F/-15°C as I am writing this post. So, BRB I’m going to wrap myself up in my chunky blanket scarf.

One Simple Change: For my fellow Fashionistas out there, let’s spice this look up by pairing the chunky jacket and sweater with slightly destroyed black jeans and combat boots. The scarf is mandatory to help combat the cold weather.