We have jumped ahead an hour which means more sunlight and an eventual spring. It might be a little hasty to declare that the season with the perfect date—April 25 as Miss Rhode Island knows it—is right around the corner. There is still snow and ice on the ground after all. Instead, we should stay prepped in mindset and wardrobe for those days of winter chill the month of March so graciously gives us. Winter boasts ubiquitous oversized pieces and cozy knits. So what better time to borrow from the boys? That is exactly what this Fashionista did, and she tackles winter weather in great style.

This Fashionista plays it just right with an equal mix of masculine and feminine. She borrows from the boys in the form of an oversized Eddie Bauer flannel. The piece is perfect for layering, as demonstrated, and comes in an array of hues. This red plaid worn by this Fashionista is a classic print, also synonymous with the lumberjack, beard-wielding variety. However, she smartly balances the masculine shirt with some feminine flair.

In contrast to the piece taken from the men, this Fashionista sports a pair of black leggings and heeled leather boots. Leather boots of this nature can be bold, have a chunky heel or go full on “these boots were made for walking’” with a stiletto heel. They are a wonderful staple for any Fashionista’s winter wardrobe. The leggings actually have outer side stripes of leather, too. By adding the black in these particular pieces, she adds a piquant panache that feminizes the flannel. This Fashionista ties it all together with a pop of crisp white in an infinity scarf and a boldly colored lip for an effortless winter ensemble.

One Simple Change: Swap out the heeled boots for a pair of kicks, perhaps white Converse, and you have a stylish weekend wear ensemble that’s perfect for heading out to brunch.