With spring just around the corner, most college students should be slipping in to something a bit warmer. However, that’s not really the case here in Flagstaff. With a late snowstorm hitting close to home this week, everyone is sticking to their warm winter wear. Big sweaters, jeans and boots are the style this week with the 30-degree weather upon us. This Fashionista shows how to style up a casual white sweater and a pair of black leggings for a chilly day.

Big oversized sweaters are so essential for the cold winter months. Not only are they cozy, but they also provide great opportunities for layering. This Fashionista decided to layer her white sweater with a coal gray top underneath—a stylish addition with an extra warm layer to battle the cold. Another layer this Fashionista added was an awesome patterned scarf. This scarf ties in with the black leggings and gray shirt perfectly, making it pop. The light brown lace-up boots were a stand out to me. They accentuate the outfit while also making it edgier. My favorite piece she sported was her chic, oversized sunglasses. They give off a Ray-Ban vibe which really complemented the laid back casual look she was going for.

If you’re looking for a more casual look during the winter but don’t want to sport the everyday sweats look, try following in this Fashionista’s footsteps. By pairing an oversized sweater, leggings and boots, you can look fabulous and stay warm. Nothing beats feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing!

One Simple Change: By ditching the scarf and adding a statement necklace you can dress up the look for a date night.