This winter is going to be a long one, so even though February has come to a close, spring is not right around the corner. With long winters, it becomes difficult to maintain the energy to stay fashionable and motivated. However, I have found that actually taking the time to put on an outfit that I feel great in makes the chilly days so much more fun and enjoyable. Rather than retreating into a sad void of shapeless, dreary clothing, embrace your personal style! Keep things fresh while staying cozy. This Fashionista did this effortlessly. I saw her lovely, refined look from a mile away and couldn’t help but be envious of how easy she made dressing fashionably for winter look.

It always amazes me how much the personal style at Marist varies. There is no shortage of expressive, distinct style, and it is so much fun to see everyone turning out their unique twists on outfits. Take this Fashionista, for example. She takes some fundamental winter basics but imbues them with her sweet personality. Her Banana Republic coat is a winter classic that pays tribute to a vintage 1950s vibe with its fit and flare shape and bow accent. I never underestimate the power of a great coat, and it’s the perfect foundation piece for a chic winter outfit. Find a coat that totally expresses your personal style, as this one does for this Fashionista with its girly charm.

Though it is winter, this Fashionista brightened up her outfit with a floral shirt and poppy red scarf that gives her outfit movement and color. Her floral shirt infuses the outfit with her trademark femininity in the prettiest way. She rounded out the look with the completely classic combination of jeans and tall boots that make her legs look like they’re miles long. A classic Fossil watch paired with pretty bracelets and rings add the perfect finishing touches to her feminine winter look that is as warm as it is pretty.

One Simple Change: Do you want to transition this look to fall or spring? It’s as easy as pie! Switch out the wool coat for a jacket of your choice, whether it’s a red leather motorcycle jacket or a classic denim jacket. You’ll be good to go in any weather and still look just as fresh and carefree as you did with the look during the colder months.