Oh hey Fashionista/os, it’s still as winter as ever. I don’t know why we think that winter ends after we get back from winter break, because we still have a good two more months of frigid weather. And, that’s just in the south. I’m not going to even try to comprehend how you northerners survive winter. Despite all these setbacks, us Fashionistas won’t compromise the cost to look cute. There are thousands of ways to look cute in the cold, and one fun way to is with graphic print tights.

Recently, tights with fun patterns and designs have stepped onto the scene. These tights can have anything from the New York City skyline to a type of animal on them. But, how do you style something with a crazy pattern without looking like a crazy person? I can’t guarantee that you still won’t look like a crazy person (I look like a crazy person on a daily basis), but there are many easy ways to wear these tights. The most obvious way you can wear these tights is with shorts or a skirt. I suggest wearing a solid color skirt or shorts to highlight the tights. For the top, a simple button-down or solid sweater would be a perfect and for the shoes: oxfords, ballet flats, booties or even wedges would be a perfect fit.

This Fashionista’s tights are a fun cat pattern. She paired them with solid pieces to draw attention to the tights. Her knit cardigan, black skirt, black clogs and the cat tights are the perfect winter mix to dress up and stand out. This outfit is adorable and perfect to wear for class or hanging out with friends.

One Simple Change: To transform this already cute outfit into a day to night look, I would trade the cardigan with a peacoat and trade the clogs for black wedges. Try adding some spunk to your winter by wearing fun tights!