Winter has made its presence loud and clear, it’s quite likely that it hasn’t done it’s worst yet. We as targets of this bone-chilling weather must fight back and prove to winter that we are strong and can take it on full-force. Okay, I may be getting a little dramatic, but as much as we may want to stay indoors during this time of year, we must go on with our daily lives.

Winter wear has a reputation of being less stylish or versatile than other seasons’ clothing. Though it may be hard—and not to mention, expensive—to have a different winter coat for each day of the week, finding ways to incorporate different, even random, pieces from your wardrobe is the key to winter style. This way you will stand out with your own original style.

This Fashionista shows us how to bundle up with her eclectic style. She was surprised when I asked to take her picture, since she told me that she pretty much just threw together some of her favorite pieces and layered them up. This is exactly what winter is about: showing off your personal style by bundling up in your favorite knits, cardigans and jackets. This Fashionista rocks her outfit by putting together pieces that have different textures but are all earth tones. Adding in a pop of color could also brighten up an outfit; just make sure you don’t have too many that clash.

The Fashionista’s Timberland brown boots are on-trend for the season, and many celebrities have been spotted in similar styles. Her vintage style, patchwork purse shows off her unique personality and creates an individualist theme for her look. Additionally, the color of the purse’s leather matches that of her shoes. This is a small detail that may go unnoticed but pulls together the outfit as a whole.

One Simple Change: To go from day to night, just swap your long down coat, for a long black wool coat. You will still stay warm, but be ready to go out for dinner.