Though many believe fashion tends to die during the long winter months, I must say, I completely disagree. Yes, we all dread having to get all bundled up just to walk a few blocks outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bundle up in style. Maybe it’s the Windy City weather that I am used to or just the fact that I get tired of seeing everyone dressed in long puffy coats, but when it comes to getting dressed to face the below zero temperatures, I’ll always have a love for those Fashionistas/os who dress to impress.

I must say, this Fashionista must have some experience with the harsh temperatures because she definitely seems like she knows how to be prepared for this weather all while looking fashionable. Instead of following the puffy long coat trend, this Fashionista has chosen a long fur camel colored coat that allows her to show off her own style all while staying warm. She also is rocking a pair of short Hunter Boots that are great for any type of weather she could face during the winter. Another aspect of her outfit that is not only stylish but keeps her warm is her faux fur black scarf. To add a pop of color to her outfit, she has added a periwinkle handbag. Color-blocking seems to be a big trend during the winter months, so a great way to make an outfit pop more is by adding a colorful handbag just like this Fashionista has done.

One Simple Change: To make this look go from walking the wintery city streets to an interview try throwing on a pair of heels once you get inside. You won’t risk being late for the interview because you weren’t trying to walk around the city in a pair of heels.