Picking out what to wear on a winter day in college might be harder than college itself. Right when your have the perfect outfit picked out, the weather ruins it. The most important thing to any female college student to do on a morning of class is to check your weather app; it has saved any one of us numerous times. The problem is that this winter has been so bipolar. One day you could lay out in your bathing suit, while the next day you’re questioning if you forgot you moved to Antartica. This can cause major confusion to one’s fashion senses and could cause countless minutes of staring at your closet trying to tackle this weather. The hardest thing to decide is if you want to sacrifice being a little hot or a little cold. Do you wear just the sweater because it seems to be a nice day out, or do you put on a jacket to complete the outfit?

Are you suffering from being late to class because you are sitting on your floor wondering what to wear during this transition from winter to spring? Well this Fashionista has the transition from winter to spring weather right in her hands. She’s chosen a black and white sweater with ripped black jeans. The key to her outfit is that instead of putting on a hot, sweaty puffy coat that will make you lose 10 pounds by the time you get to your class, she chose a light leather jacket. This gives you the protection from the slight winter chill still in the air without being too overdressed. She pairs her outfit with black buckled booties, a hat and a Michael Kors purse. And no outfit is complete without an assortment of jewelry. This Fashionista chose an array of different rings and a key necklace. To complete an edgy outfit like this Fashionista during this hard time of fashion ditch your bulky layers for light layers and you will be so on time for class you could pick up a coffee to make your morning even better.

One Simple Change: Looking for a fun girl’s night out? Swap the sweater for a cute top and enjoy the night.