January 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Cincinnati’s weather is extremely unpredictable. Sometimes days will start out as being warm and sunny and before you know it, it’s 30 degrees and snowing. Because of this constantly changing weather, it is always important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

How are you supposed to be prepared? Layer up!

Layering is such an easy way to stay comfortable all day, even when you are out and about. To avoid looking like a marshmallow or the Michelin tire man, try mixing different textures and materials.

To conquer the winter weather, this Fashionista paired a long sleeve cotton sweater with a black faux fur vest. The vest really makes this outfit and provides some additional warmth. The nice thing about wearing a vest is that you can easily take it off and the outfit is still super cute, and it is light enough to be worn indoors. She did a perfect job at keeping her jewelry simple so that the vest was the focal point in her outfit. If your vest is fuller, make sure that your other pieces are more fitted to your body, so that you don’t look too bulky. The skinny jeans cuffed with a heeled bootie keep her legs looking elongated in contrast to the fuller jacket.

One Simple Change: Going to a dressier celebration?  I recommend switching out the blue jeans and sweater for skinny black pants and a blouse. You could also swap the brown booties for a pair of black ones.