This winter has been quite a rollercoaster. One day, you have one of the worst snowstorms in history and the next day it’s 40 degrees and bright blue skies, not to mention the most slush you have ever seen. Some days it’s so cold your joints freeze up, and other days you are already planning for summer break as if it’s a few weeks away. This kind of weather always leads to blank stares at open closets and the ever-outstanding question: “what should I wear?” Getting dressed in the winter is hard enough without the temperatures drastically changing from day to day. Thankfully, this Fashionista figured out the perfect formula for a winter outfit that can be taken from 20 to 50 degrees.

She starts off her look with an eye-catching red and black plaid flannel shirt. Flannel is always so cozy and warm and never ceases to look laid back and fashionable at the same time. She tucks her flannel into her distressed boyfriend jeans that are a nice break from your typical skinny jeans. Her boots are appropriate for pretty much any type of weather and with a buckle detail like that I would wear them daily, rain or shine. Her minimal metal choker adds the cutest contrast to her grunge-inspired outfit and her grey and white plaid scarf works perfectly with her flannel. She finishes off her look with a long draped grey wool coat, which will keep her warm no matter what the temperature. With an outfit like this, you’re ready for anything that winter 2016 hurls your way.

One Simple Change: Did the temperature suddenly shoot up to 55 degrees? No problem, just swap the long wool coat and scarf for a black leather motorcycle jacket and you’re good to go.