March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

With temperatures dropping below zero, it’s hard to be fashionable AND warm while walking to class. This Fashionista, however, makes it possible with the perfect blend of fashion and warmth. On my campus, there are plenty of students wearing The North Face coats and other typical winter outfits; this Fashionista really stood out to me because her look was different, and it all started with her unique coat.

The two most common types of coats that I typically see are your standard coats, like The North Face or Columbia brands, and coats that are made of faux fur. This coat is neither. I loved this coat for so many reasons, but two things in particular that I loved about it was that it was olive colored and long. It always keeps you warm, and even if you are wearing a long shirt, it won’t hang out of the bottom. I think that a solid coat is a great addition for any wardrobe because it will pair well with anything. You can pair it with solid jeans, like this Fashionista, or even with a patterned pant. The coat that this Fashionista is wearing was purchased from H&M.

Scarves are another trend in winter. The scarf that this Fashionista is wearing is from Aerie and brings in many new colors to the outfit. The red, white and blue colors of the scarf not only add texture to this outfit but also become the main highlight!

The boots are my absolute favorite part of this outfit. They have awesome grips on the bottoms and are very in-style because they lace up in the front. I also really liked how the boots were short; by simply cuffing the jeans, the shoes are shown completely.

One Simple Change: By simply taking off the coat, this look can be made appropriate for any indoor activities. The scarf can even be worn inside too!