February 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

Dressing for the winter in a stylish way can be difficult, especially in New York City, but this Fashionista pulls off this grungy, weather-appropriate look perfectly. It’s been a fairly mild winter in the city, but there are still a few things to keep in mind when dressing for the colder months.

The most important element to any winter outfit is a warm jacket. Because it hasn’t been too cold, this Fashionista is able to rock this shorter jacket while still being warm enough to go out. Another important thing to consider is that the subway is always incredibly hot, so being able to easily take off your jacket and have a cooler layer on underneath when waiting underground is a must. This is why I applaud her choice of a T-shirt. A simple graphic T-shirt is always a great go-to for running around the city, but we also can’t forget about the shoes. Being in NYC means a lot of walking, so good shoes are crucial. This Fashionista’s boots may not strike you as good walking shoes, but the thick heel and platform give her plenty of support to confidently take on the streets of Manhattan. Some other chic shoe options are these or these. Finally, her ripped black jeans and choker are subtle enough to showcase her edgy style without being too in your face.

One Simple Change: Just by losing the jacket, this look becomes totally appropriate for spring. Nice jeans and a cute T-shirt are always a great choice for a spring day in the city and it gives you plenty of room to accessorize.