The new year has arrived, and it is the perfect time (excuse) to add some new pieces into your wardrobes. Just because it is winter, does not mean we can’t look our best. Winter doesn’t have to be all-black coats, hats and gloves. You can still be a Fashionista/o and dress the way you like.

This Fashionisto is rocking some seriously pleated pants from Issey Miyake’s Homme Pleats. The pleated pants create a great texture, and the dark green is a nice change from the same old black and white you see during the winter months. It is refreshing yet subtle. He pairs these comfy pants with a simple wool shirt, making sure all eyes are on the pants. The smooth wool contrasts with the dimensional pleats on these dark green loose fitted pants.

Since it is still freezing cold out, this Fashionisto throws on a long blanket-like wool scarf from Acne Studios. One of his favorite pieces in his wardrobe, it adds a delicacy to the sleek outfit and some additional warmth. It’s important to stay warm and comfortable on the streets of New York, as weather can be temperamental and change through out the day. That is why this Fashionisto chose to wear a beige beanie that keeps him warm, but it is small and can be easily thrown into his tote bag when the sun comes out. Tote bags are very versatile. They are a great way to make your entire outfit effortlessly cool and casual, not to mention it is very lightweight and useful. Lastly, he chose some smooth black leather shoes by The Common Project to make sure he will be able to walk around town all day without his feet being irritated. 

One Simple Change: If you want to layer up and stay warm, throw on a wool coat! They are stylish and sophisticated, and a great way to block out the harsh winter wind. Stay warm and be fabulous!