New York just survived Winter Storm Jonas, one of the biggest snow storms the city has ever experienced. After being snowed in for so long, I know many of us are ready to step out and show off the clothes that have been patiently waiting in our closets. Despite the storm, the temperatures haven’t been extremely cold, so we don’t always need to be bundled up in oversized parkas, hats and scarves. Believe it or not, it is possible to be fashionable and stay warm.

Black overcoats are classic in New York, and the longer length of this Fashionisto’s coat adds a little more warmth for his legs. Another major way to stay warm this winter is by wearing layers. By doing this, we utilize clothing items from other seasons during the winter. Start by pairing a shirt normally worn in the spring with a sweater or a cardigan that is normally worn during autumn.

This Fashionisto paired his Club Monaco button-down with a red, knitted sweater. The collar peeking out over the neckline reveals the dotted pattern of his shirt, which reminds me of little moons and adds a quirky detail to this outfit.

What I love the most about this outfit is how his ripped jeans from Zara add an edgy vibe to an otherwise clean and polished look. The mixing of these two styles really gives personality to the outfit and makes it unique. He finished up the ensemble with a pair of dark, suede chelsea boots—a personal favorite of mine for the winter season.

One Simple Change: Want to try layering during another season? Swap out the wool overcoat for a trench coat and the knit sweater for a light cardigan. Now this Fashionisto can wear his outfit during the fall season, when temperatures aren’t as chilly.