February 23rd, 2016 at 11:10pm

It’s been a cold last few days up here in State College, but this Fashionista still looks fabulous while staying warm! I know it sounds unappealing, but it is still possible to look cute when it’s cold!

As you can see, this Fashionista is sporting dark colors for this cold weather. As I like to say, “Black is the new black.” She starts off her look with a hat, but not any type of hat; a black rimmed hat that resembles the amazing wardrobes of the witches in American Horror Story: Coven. That season created a huge trend of all-black clothing.

As we examine her outfit, the piece that really stands out to me is her edgy moto-style jacket. This jacket is the perfect way to stay warm and still look fierce at the same time. She really rocks it, and its asymmetrical style is really pleasing to the eye. The fur collar is really my favorite part about it, as we have seen that becoming a trend of many college-aged girls at Penn State.

Now for one of my favorite parts of any outfit: the shoes. Her booties really work especially for the cold snowy weather. I know that I don’t always want to be lugging around in giant snow boots, but I don’t ever really know what type of boots or shoes to wear when the weather is cold. That was until I discovered booties. My favorite part about them is that they are so versatile and they can basically be worn from anything, such as a casual daytime activity to a night out. This Fashionista is truly the definition of warm and well-dressed.

One Simple Change: Want to stay warm, but still go out at night? I recommend pairing this jacket with a simple black dress and some thigh-high boots. This change can take this look to daytime to a fun night out instantly.