Winter has finally hit the East Coast and everyone is walking around in their puffy  jackets. Winter is a struggle for some people. Outfits are hidden by big jackets andt it’s hard to look good in a jacket that makes you look like a snowman. It’s also difficult to dress for winter since it’s cold outside, but with the heating on blast you’re sweating in class. Layering is a lifesaver when it comes to bipolar weather. You have a bunch of layers to keep you warm, but if it gets too hot you can simply take off a few layers.

This Fashionisto is wearing a big green jacket with camouflage pattern on the sleeves and orange lining. The orange lining gives a pop of color to the rather neutral outfit. The camouflage also gives the jacket a certain uniqueness. Detail is everything. The slight details in this jacket makes it stand out without being distracting. It is also fun to wear while walking to class when it’s gloomy outside.

Underneath the jacket, this Fashionisto layers basic pieces of clothing. It’s a good idea to layer basics, especially if the jacket already stands out. He is wearing a simple white T-shirt with a black cardigan on top. He wears black pants and finishes the look by wearing comfortable yet stylish sneakers. You can never go wrong with black and white. They are both such simple and neutral colors and it matches just about anything.

Overall, the outfit is perfect for both genders to wear. It’s simple and can be easily created in anyone’s closet. Don’t be afraid to brave the winter! You can still look cute without sacrificing warmth.

One Simple Change: Want to look a little more dressed up for winter? Accessorize with a cool watch or chain and try leather boots, or even heels for the Fashionistas out there!