Imagine: You sit shivering at your laptop, two pairs of Target “dollar spot” fuzzy socks on your feet. Your stiff fingers barely manage to type “WebMD” into the search bar. Slowly, your dry eyes read your symptoms. Frizzy hair, untamable by any amount of argan oil, flaky skin in serous need of some TLC, an insatiable appetite for tomato basil soup and a grilled cheese coated in butter…Yup, you’ve got a case of the winter blues.

With class in full swing after a painfully slow recovery from your holiday break, you’ve probably got 99 problems (or more), and they all relate to the chilly draft sneaking through the crack in your dorm window. Rolling out of bed is hard enough as is, but having your toes meet sub-zero temperature floorboards this season makes skipping class seem like a sweeter and cozier idea. Throw in the constant battle with standing at the bus stop long enough to listen to the entire Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience album, (Really, Justin? Seven minute songs?) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster–and minimal wardrobe choices.

But alas! Dressing for class in frigid temperatures doesn’t mean you have to resort to ski pants or an insulated groutfit! Look to this Fashionista for inspiration to keep your body warm and your style hot. Don’t sacrifice every ounce of style for comfort–opt for a fur trimmed parka to add interest and added protection from every campus bus that passes you by with a gust of cold wind. Keep your neck warm without the added hassle of a scarf by choosing a classic turtleneck in a fun cable knit or retro pattern. Switch out your usual indigo skinny jeans for a seasonally appropriate olive pair that Kim Possible would totally approve of. Top it off (or bottom it off?) with cozily lined waterproof boots, prepping you for any sleet or slush you may encounter on campus.

One Simple Change: Want to take your class look from day to night without freezing your buns off? Switch out your campus-trekking boots for sleek over-the-knee boots. The silhouette is fashionable, the full coverage keeps your stems warm and the shoe is a total statement piece!