As it gets colder and colder here in Connecticut, the walk to class suddenly becomes dreadful. Between slipping on black ice and wind cold enough to make you cry, the only thing that could make winter somewhat exciting is the chance to show off your best winter apparel. The ability to stay warm while looking cute is not always easy, yet this Fashionista achieves it effortlessly.

I found this Fashionista walking with a smile from ear to ear, seemingly unaffected by the near freezing temperatures. It was both her attitude and outfit that caught my attention. The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was her thick black winter coat with a hood lined with fur. The coat extends down towards her knees while the fur hood and collar protect her neck from the cold. She paired this coat with a taupe knitted sweater underneath, giving off a neutral and subtle vibe.

This Fashionista’s high black boots shimmered from the sunlight just like her Ray-Ban sunglasses. The use of tight leggings allowed the attention to stay on her winter jacket and loose knit sweater. This Fashionista has also carried a Herschel backpack since her freshman year of college. She likes its vintage yet nautical look. This Fashionista also commented on how well the backpack has held up since her early freshman days.

One Simple Change: If we fast forward to early April, this Fashionista could swap her Laundry winter coat with an oversized cardigan to be comfortable and maintain the perfect temperature for early spring.