During our shoot, temperatures reached a bone-chilling -1 degrees… and that’s when it wasn’t windy out. Looking at these photographs, I’m sure you aren’t able to guess that as this Fashionista truly kept her cool while being in the cold!

Once the temperatures drop, it’s easy to drop any desire to put together a cute outfit with it.  All the other seasons are so much easier to create good, weather appropriate looks  for. Spring? Sundress and gladiator sandals. Easy. Summer? I for one am happy that sunhats and rounded sunglasses are making a come back. Fall? Just about everyone has an affinity for sweaters and boots.

But winter? These dreary months pose a challenge to each Fashionista/o as we still want to look good but don’t want to freeze in doing so.

I love this Fashionista’s outfit because overall the darker palette pays homage to the winter aesthetic, yet the bursts of color in her lip and scarf are a reminder that brighter (and warmer!) days are coming. Her winter jacket is a beautiful color and lined on the inside to keep her warm without the piece looking too bulky and uncomfortable. The gold accents that appear in her rings and the zipper of her bag are the subtle yet eye-catching qualities that I know I’m looking for when piecing an outfit together.

Perhaps my favorite part of the entire ensemble is the bold lip. I have heard many people with reddish hair express their desire to wear red lipstick but fear there would be too much of a clash between hair and lip color to pull it off. I applaud this Fashionista for not only finding the perfect shade to go with her hair color and skin tone but also managing to match her scarf to her makeup as well; it creates a mature and cohesive look in even an outfit that’s as casual as jeans and a scarf.

One Simple Change: You braved the cold and made the long walk to class? Shrug off the jacket and reveal a peasant blouse—the long sleeves are extra protection from the cold, but the light material won’t overheat you once you’re in a crowded lecture hall!