It’s officially that time of year again folks: spring semester is beginning again. Funny how it’s called spring semester even though we return to school in the dead of winter. It’s dark and cold and you’re probably a few pounds heavier after eating homecooked meals for the past few weeks, how is a Fashionsita/o like yourself going to survive this semester?

Now, I can’t teach you how to shred some pounds or how to be livelier in the mornings (believe me, if I knew I would tell you). However, I can teach you some fashion tips to survive the cold. Layering, in my opinion, is the best way to achieve comfort and style at the same time. You basically take all your favorite winter items—cardigans, flannels, leather, sweaters, etc.—and put them all together for one look (okay maybe not all of those things in one outfit, but you see my point). Layering is all about color combinations and thickness: 1) you don’t want to look like an explosion of clashing colors and 2) you don’t want to look like a balloon that’s about to pop with so many thick items. When layering an outfit, try starting out with a thin, neutral top and jeans and go from there. Use one or two colorful items and be mindful of the thickness of your clothing. When layering is done right, you can look like a perfect 10.

This Fashionista is proof that layering is effective. She started out with a simple flannel with dark pants and booties. Her denim jacket is providing warmth and makes the outfit a bit more casual. Her black leather jacket is perfectly tied around her waist in case it gets colder outside and her cheetah print scarf adds an extra pop to the look. This look is guaranteed to keep this Fashionista warm and the most stylish person on campus.

One Simple Change: I think this outfit is a perfect 10 for going to class, running errands or even going out at night. However, if I had to change something, I would add jewelry and accessories. A bracelet stack and some statement earrings would make this outfit all the more fashionable. Try wearing this look to kick off your spring semester.