With the temperatures dropping and the wind speeds rising, it can be easy to fall into the winter routine of sweatpants and sweatshirts. I’m sure we have all been guilty of that outfit choice once or twice! Wintertime can feel long and dreadful, but there are endless possibilities for outfits that are not only warm, but super chic as well!

Winter is a great time to take advantage of a darker color palette and really let your edgy side shine. You can never go wrong with a basic black piece. Find your favorite black staple item and focus the rest of your outfit around that.

This Fashionista shows that the winter blues have nothing on her. Her black, long-sleeved turtleneck is perfect for a chillier day. Turtlenecks are something that every Fashionista should have in her wardrobe! She paired it with an oversized black and white cardigan, which added more layers to her look. Her leather booties serve a dual purpose as being fashionable, yet durable for snow and cold.

This Fashionista’s overall look is super chic with adorable details that make her very unique. All of the small details were actually one of my favorite things about this outfit. The fringe along the bottom of her sweater adds a great flare! With an outfit that consists of mainly black, it is important to have some pops of color here and there. She gives us a pop of color in a very different way with her purple socks peeking out of her booties. I fell in love with this idea, and the way she rolled her jeans at the bottom really showed off the socks. She rocked a teal statement ring, which drew attention to her watch and also complemented the purple socks well.

One Simple Change: If you want to take this chic look from day to night, just swap the jeans for a bodycon pencil skirt. The tight skirt will complement the oversized sweater and you will be ready for a night on the town!