I spent all of fall waiting for the winter season. Cuddling up in a cozy sweater with a soft blanket scarf wrapped around myself is just about my favorite feeling, or so I think it is until the actual winter gets here. Within about a week of existing in any temperature below 40 degrees, I am yearning for some sunlight, sandals and skirts and maybe a nice vacation to the beach. Despite the harsh weather, I find myself trying to slip more springtime pieces into my daily wardrobe. This Fashionista succeeds in doing exactly that, as she dons a cute shift dress in the midst of winter.

This plaid, black and white shift dress is a perfect springtime piece that can be transitioned to any season with the right accessories. This Fashionista throws on a black long sleeve T-shirt and tights to make this sleeveless dress an extremely versatile piece. On her feet she dons chunky platform boots, allowing her to combat the mounds of snow while still looking fashionable. These work boot styled shoes give her otherwise polished and sophisticated look a cool, edgy vibe. And of course a warm winter jacket and scarf are essentials, as it is unfortunately still below 40 degrees. To keep her warm this Fashionista sports a simple black jacket with gold accents and plenty of pockets. A burgundy scarf hangs down around her neck, nicely contrasting her black and white dress.

As far as her accessories go, they really could not be more spot on. She sports a deep burgundy shade of lipstick, expertly coordinating this hue with her scarf. Her relaxed messy bun is also ideal for the windy, winter weather. She can easily and effortlessly throw her hair up without having to frantically try to fix it after fighting with winds of 15 mph (this is an impossible task, just give up).

Her jewelry and sunglasses add the final touches to her outfit. She wears a couple of elegant rings, still sticking with this burgundy hue as her pop of color. Some chunky earrings are thrown on, which can easily be appreciated with her updo. And finally, her funky sunglasses pull this outfit together making it a standout look. The colored lenses and gold rims on these glasses accentuate the burgundy in her other accessories and the tan color in her edgy boots, really playing up all the little details throughout the whole look.

So when you are yearning for the warmer weather, do as this Fashionista does. Take a summer piece of yours, layer it up a bit, and you are good to go. No need to solely stick to your chunky sweaters!

One Simple Change: Going to a show tonight and need a formal look? Not a problem. Swap out these platform work boots for a pair of of black, heeled booties. This simple switch will transform the outfit to a much more formal look, making it perfect for any fancy occasion.