February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

Midwest winters are always unforgiving. Between the wind, the snow, the rain and the below zero degrees. the weather cards we are dealt with makes choosing an outfit all the more difficult. One major struggle of winter fashion is staying warm and cozy on campus while still showcasing your personal style. I don’t know about everyone else, but I do not feel like the showstopper while wearing three sweaters, heavy Hunter Boots, a chunky scarf and a huge puffy North Face jacket!

This Fashionisto looks coolly warm while still effortlessly showing off his personal style. To start his outfit off, he wore a black baseball cap. The hat read “Torn Between Two Lovers”. He paired a collared quilted parka with black skinny jeans. These three items: the parka, the hat and the skinny jeans alone are enough to complete any winter outfit. Layers and hats are key essentials to keep from turning into an ice cube while walking through campus. To add a pop of color, he styled a burgundy sweatshirt, with a popped hood over his parka collar due to the fact it does not have a hood. Underneath his sweatshirt, he revealed a multi-colored jersey to add more personality and warmth to his look. On his feet, he wore classic All Star black high top converse. The shoes he wore really tied the whole look back to his baseball cap. He kept his accessories at a minimum only wearing a simple sliver watch with gold accents.

One Simple Change: Transitioning this grungy, cozy winter semester getup to a hot summer look is as simple as losing the parka and sweat shirt to reveal the multicolored jersey. You can switch out the black skinny jeans to skinny black cut-off shorts. However, keeping the hat, shoes and watch are eye-pleasing details to the outfit that cannot be replaced.