Christmas may be over and the new year may be in full swing, but if you live in the frozen tundra like I do, winter is still here for months to come. It can be very hard to dress when it is only 10 degrees outside and snowing. One day when I was out and about in my hometown, I spotted a Fashionista who understands how to stylishly dress for winter weather.

This Fashionista was dressed perfectly for the weather but was also able to show off her personal style. She was dressed casually, like most people are during these cold months. Her gray cardigan looked so warm! I like that she wore a gray T-shirt underneath to perfectly match the cardigan. A great pair of jeans are perfect for any look, and hers contrasted nicely against the gray from her tops.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! She wore a great pair of boots. These aren’t just a stylish shoe—they are a necessity in Wisconsin. Snow packed sidewalks and frigid temperatures are not fun to walk in, so boots are a must. I love that her colorful socks were visible. Wearing boot socks over your jeans is an easy way to add a little color or personality to your outfit. Lastly, this Fashionista wore a beautiful statement necklace to tie the entire look together. Her accessories were minimal and practical, which is one of the reasons I loved her outfit!

If you live anywhere with lots of snow and chilly temperatures, you may want to take some advice from this Fashionista. She managed to create the perfect outfit for winter and was still able to show off her style!

One Simple Change: You can easily make this outfit work for a date night! Swap out the jeans for a skirt, and maybe some tights if its still cold out. Instead of these boots, you could wear leather ones with a heel or a cute pair of flats. Add some sparkly earrings to match your statement necklace and you will be set for a wonderful date night.