All throughout December, we Floridians were enjoying what had to be a second summer. Christmas trees were trimmed and enough holiday songs to drive a person mad were playing in every department store, but outside the weather was over 80 degrees. Just in time for the beginning of spring semester, winter decided to join us. Our 50 degree weather is paradise compared to that of some Northern states, but it is enough to make any Floridian abandon their stylish sundresses and hibernate in layers of unflattering and oversized fleece and plaid.

Whether the winter weather reaches below zero or is 62 degrees, a reliable go-to is leather. Leather keeps us Fashionistas warm and looking edgy. The possible ways to incorporate leather are infinite. Leather dresses and pants, and of course the classic leather jacket make leather the focal point of a look, while leather gloves, bags and hats can accent an outfit overall.

It is so easy to give into the cold, especially in college. Several times I have witnessed that one person who was bold enough to come to class cozy, wrapped in a blanket. Oh! How I wish I could do the same, but I know my inner Fashionista would never forgive me. Today’s featured Fashionista makes me feel a different kind of jealousy, fighting blanket temptation and totally embracing leather with her moto jacket, knee-high boots and quilted backpack; all faux leather. The black and gray of this monochromatic look match the mood of the cloudy day, but the luster of the faux leather cannot be ignored. Each of the faux leather items having its own eye-catching details, whether it be the stitching or the silver zippers and embellishments. The faux leather trio is completed with a maxi dress, which our fellow Fashionista cleverly tied at the bottom to add her own personal touch.

One Simple Change: Once winter has gone, of course you won’t want to completely abandon your leather. In the spring, wearing a brighter colored, A-line dress with your leather jacket could liven up the look and still maintain that edge that you can only get from wearing leather.