February 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s finally starting to feel like winter here in Kentucky. Although we haven’t had any snow yet this season, the drops in temperature and the post-holiday blues can easily be cured by a cup of hot chocolate and some ice skating. Deciding what to wear for an afternoon on ice can be tricky though. Fortunately, this Fashionista is not only dressed modishly but also appropriately for the occasion. Underneath her large military jacket is a long-sleeve throw-over top and a long, black cardigan. The layers appear simple and clean, which keeps her outfit from looking too busy. Since her outfit is composed of mostly earth tones, adding the red top gives her look a pop of color.

I’m obsessed with her entire outfit, but I can’t decide which piece is my favorite between her military jacket and her scarf. I’m a fan of military jackets, especially when they double as long winter coats; however, her petaled scarf is such a versatile component to her look. Her scarf is the ideal accessory because of how the ruffles are emphasized due to the way the scarf is wrapped around her head and neck. This keeps her from needing to add any more accessories or details to the upper half of her body. Her scarf is from a company called Vera Scarves, which I’m now obsessed with after this Fashionista showed me the website, which included scarves with zippers.

Though her outfit includes many colors, the soft white shade of her scarf and her jewelry pulls it all together. Since no outfit is truly complete without the addition of a few accessories, I’m pleased with the bracelet, ring and cross-body purse this Fashionista chose. Besides, you can never go wrong incorporating a Michael Kors handbag into any look.

One Simple Change: Grabbing a cup of hot chocolate with friends after a trip to the ice rink? Opt for a pair of light wash denim jeans to easily dress this outfit down yet not takeaway from your overall appearance.