January 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter brings both the most wonderful time of the year and the constant battle for Fashionistas to choose elegance over warmth and vice versa. Mastering a unique and stylish look that can take on freezing temperatures requires skill, effort and patience. Donna Karan said it best herself, “Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.” This is where the fashionable ingenuity comes in. Alexander Wang’s autumn/winter 2015-16 menswear collection highlights the importance of choosing innovative versions of simple winter pieces to make a high-end statement. All the while, some of these high-end pieces can actually be cozy!

Luckily, I encountered this Fashionisto whose outfit falsified the belief that comfortable and warm can’t look good. I just love how he rebelled against the season by wearing a crisp white V-neck, an essential for any Fashionisto. The contrast of this simple shirt with his sleek black coat simultaneously gives him a professional and edgy vibe. Aesthetically pleasing and functional–what more could you ask for? His unique black sneakers stand out and complement his superb jacket. With the subtler tones of gray and white in his look, the gray beanie is the perfect piece that ties this monochromatic ensemble together.

As made clear by this Fashionisto, dark neutral tones can do wondrous things in discovering the perfect winter outfit. Clothes that enhance each other and are accompanied by the right accessories make the world of difference and can only make Alexander Wang proud.

One Simple Change: Going out to a dinner or party that evening? Leave the beanie at home and switch the V-neck for a suave turtleneck sweater. This will accentuate the professional side of this outfit!