January 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

Oh, the winter blues. The thought of keeping warm next to a fire inside is much more appealing than going out into the messy, windy and freezing outdoors (no one actually wants to be Queen Elsa, right?). The unwelcoming air of winter  often does terrible things to a Fashionista/o I mean, how can anyone manage to look fabulous while bundling up and staying warm?

Dressed for the weather, this Fashionista bumped right into me while on a stroll downtown for the weekend! Her bold and edgy style was definitely what caught my attention, but did she manage to do the impossible? Yes! Wearing a white and warm faux fur coat paired with black leather leggings, this Fashionista was warm and stylish. “Layering is definitely important.” the Fashionista told me when I asked about how she managed to keep warm in nearly freezing conditions. For added comfort, this Fashionista decided to wear a chic black knit sweater under her jacket.

To accessorize her ensemble, the Fashionista paired her edgy look with simple black booties. She tied a silky red square scarf around her neck to keep her neck safe from the cold breeze. Adding her bright red leather clutch, this Fashionista decided the color red was definitely her statement, pairing her accessories with a bold red lip. This Fashionista pulled together one warm, comfortable and most importantly stylish ensemble!

One simple change: To turn this afternoon chic look to an edgier night out look, kick off the booties and add a pair of black lace-up heels.