February 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

If you live in Cali, you’ve definitely felt that chilly gust of wind brushing against your face. Yes, East Coasters we know that we’ll probably never understand how it feels to experience a true winter, but bear with us and our dramatic convictions. It’s not our fault that we’re graced with nearly 300 days of pure sunshine and clear skies every year; can you even blame us?

In the event of cold weather in the chic city of L.A., there are two types of people: those who opt for comfort, and those who stay true to their trendy roots come rain or shine. You’re either the girl who dons leggings and a sweater because you couldn’t be less bothered (and proud), or you have a total complex about leaving your house in anything less avant-garde than the clothes you’ve leered at while window shopping.

This cozy Fashionista knows exactly how to dress for breezy weather. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when she’s not in SoCal for college, she’s living it up back in her home state, New York. I’ll just go with it being an unspoken rule that people from the city have an ability to handle any type of weather while remaining super stylish at the same time.

As seen in this look, a pair of distressed fitted jeans is probably the best investment you’ll be making all year. You can either dress it up, dress it down or wear it during any season depending on what you pair it with. Ripped jeans were one of the biggest fads last year, and the trend will only continue to prosper in this new year. My go-to is pairing this type of jean with a wool sweater, similar to this Fashionista’s look. In colder weather, you simply can’t go wrong with the accompaniment of a soft cashmere sweater to give you that extra warmth you wouldn’t otherwise get from a basic long sleeve. Instead of making a potentially chic outfit dull by relying on basics, try opting for more textured or patterned garments that’ll help take your look to the next level.

This Fashionista also added an edge to this look with some subtle flairs of gold. Along with her layered bracelets, some plated rose gold was also included in the heel of her gorgeous leather boots. In addition, I couldn’t help but notice the monochrome blue between her jeans and her tote. The layering of tones helps add the final touch to a perfectly well-rounded winter look. Oh, and let’s not forget those sunnies. I know I said it’s cold, but there’s always some sun in L.A.

One Simple Change: Want to transform your daytime outfit to embark on a girl’s night out? Take this look from day to night by swapping your light-wash jeans to black skinnies for an edgier combo to accompany your black booties. To top your look off even further, pair your outfit with a sleek overcoat to keep warm while looking fly!