February 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Well, well, well, it looks like winter finally decided to show up. After an unseasonably warm December and a not-so-white Christmas, the snow and frigid weather arrived as soon as school began again. Trudging through the slushy snow and ice could put a damper on the average college student’s style, but that didn’t seem to be a problem for this Fashionista.

This cold weather cutie weather-proofed herself without sacrificing style by adding cozy accessories to a cute and casual outfit. The first thing that I noticed were her olive, equestrian-inspired leggings. Unlike regular leggings, these leggings have a heavier material located on the inside of the kneecaps. Though these might typically be worn while horseback riding, these leggings are perfect for adding a little extra warmth during the school day. Next are her boots. Sticking with the equestrian feel, these tall riding boots are the perfect complement to this outfit. Not only do they stick to the neutral color scheme, but they are also durable. Also, the black in the boots ties in very well with this Fashionista’s black pea coat. This black pea coat is great because it is simple, but classy. It can instantly dress up any casual outfit while still being super warm. Staying with the neutrals, this cognac, cross-body bag works well with this outfit. The solid bag adds a bit more color to the look without taking away from rest of the outfit.

Ok, now for my favorite part—the accessories. I know I might be bias because I love anything knitted, but I am obsessed with these three pieces. The patterned mittens, black knitted scarf and ivory headband work perfectly together. The ivory headband (which has the coolest overlapping detail) and black knitted scarf are both solids, which keeps the look simple, while the black and ivory patterned mittens add a bit of fun and quirkiness to the outfit. These three pieces were definitely the perfect addition for a college Fashionista who wants to stay warm.

One Simple Change: If the weather decides to get bad again and cold weather strikes, try switching out the riding boots for a pair of L.L.Bean boots. They are surprisingly cute and are great for walking around campus.