I’ll be frank, dressing for any temperature below 20 degrees seems nearly impossible. If you’re anything like me, your outfit of choice would be the numerous blankets you’ve wrapped yourself up in at home to keep yourself warm. You suddenly find yourself regretting not buying that thick, oversized sweater and ridiculously large infinity scarf. This isn’t even considering what you’re going to wear over your initial outfit to keep yourself warm. Still, all style need not be lost. There are a few different things that can be done to flaunt your Fashionista or Fashionisto status, even when it feels like you’re living through Frozen.

My winter look is fairly standard. A good pair of faux leather gloves, sunglasses à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a knitted headband on occasion and a parka. Getting a proper parka is probably the best investment I’ve made this winter. So far, it’s my favorite thing about this year. Bracing frigid temperatures is almost (I did say almost) fun when I get to zip myself up in my little coat cocoon. Parkas are great because they come in a variety of lengths with different metals for zippers and snaps. Additionally, some are belted, so if you’re looking for shape, they’re a good option.

Unfortunately, open layers aren’t really possible in the cold when you need to be all zipped up. Your best bet is utilizing small unique touches in order to add a sense of style to an outfit that’s really meant to serve function over fashion. My favorite parts of this Fashionisto’s outfit were the arm patch, fur trim on the hood and the unintentional complementing color of his phone case. Little additions to a look can make it seem less thrown together and more cohesive and complete. It elevates the outfit from Deadliest Catch fisherman-chic to something more akin to ASOS menswear.

One Simple Change: Explore alternative materials for your parka in order to dress up your look while staying warm. A shorter fur or a wool-blend makes things look a bit more formal.