As the crisp air changes into the chill of winter the prints and colors of our wardrobes define the approaching season. NYC residents, FIT students included resort to the usual color palette for winter: black, gray, brown, white, blue and shades of red. Adding basic accessories can help liven up an utterly cold and dark season.

Whether your taking a stroll through Central Park or simply grabbing something to drink at your nearest Starbucks, follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and make your nippy day feel more relaxed, comforting and warm.

This Fashionista’s color scheme is soothing. I absolutely love the reddish sweater that is peaking out of her leather jacket against the deep blue color of her jeans. Her oversized scarf gives the outfit the extra warmth it needs. This is an outfit that is laid-back and simple yet cozy. This lightweight leather jacket is the perfect layering piece for winter. The Fashionista finishes the look by adding a pair of ankle boots and a silver cross-body bag that is just right for the outfit.

The silver bag made the Fashionista’s outfit really pop beneath the dark leather jacket and black boots. The neutral color of her scarf doesn’t take away from the detailing of the other pieces. So stay stylish, simple and warm for this chilly and breezy winter.

One Simple Change: With classes resuming in the next few weeks, change the leather jacket for a cardigan to make your next study session a more stylish one!