January 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

As fall came to an end and winter soon approached, it was apparent that this year wouldn’t be our typical snowy winter. Having lived in Syracuse for about two years now, I have grown accustomed to the season changes. So as the end of October quickly advanced, I began to prepare myself for the sudden drop in temperature and the mounds of snow soon to come. However, to much of the city’s surprise, winter seemed to be delayed. It was the middle of November and students were enjoying the 63-degree weather wearing nothing but shorts and tank tops.

The high temperatures definitely had us all confused, not that anyone was complaining. Syracuse students sure took advantage of this extended fall weather. Because who’s honestly in a rush to bring out the huge Canada Goose winter coats anyway?

With the warm weather also came one of my favorites, distressed jeans. Probably the most popular fashion trend at this time, distressed jeans are a definite must-have in everyone’s closet. What makes this trend stand out the most is how versatile it is. You can go all out with a grungy look or you can keep it simple with a few rips here and there for a minimalistic look. Let’s say you’re eyeing those perfect jeans, but they are a bit too much out of your budget. You can either purchase a pair of those eight-dollar jeans at Forever 21 (though I wouldn’t recommend it) or simply grab a pair from your closet along with a pair of scissors and do your own thing.

This Fashionista was lucky to find a perfect pair of GUESS distressed high-waisted jeans. Though she kept it simple with a long sleeve off-the-shoulder top and a pair of all-white leather Converse, she still managed to stand out. And she used this warm, beautiful weather as an opportunity to bring out a classic pair of oversized sunglasses, which is a great addition to help complement the outfit.

One Simple Change: To make a comfortable ensemble more appropriate for a night out, trade in the sneaks for a pair of black heels. It would also be a good idea to throw on a cool leather jacket in the case of the temperature dropping.