January 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

Being from the East Coast, I could never relate to what it was like to have a mild 70 degree weather all year round like those who are blessed to be residents of California. Here in lovely little Virginia, we experience all four seasons in full. Typically, at this time of the year, the ground is peppered with snow and I am cocooned in multiple layers rather than being able to wear a short sleeve shirt and pajama shorts to bed (which I have been doing all through the month of January). With that being said, how on earth do you dress for spring weather when it is January?

The answer? Get rid of the color. Spring is all about the blooming of flowers and trees finally being able to emerge from the cold months saying “ha we made it bring on the warmth,” which is why pastels are very ideal during this time. However, you can’t really wear those floral shorts you adore so much because honestly it just doesn’t fit. Although the temperature is hot the sky is mostly dark, foggy and rainy because let’s face it, this isn’t natural and global warming is taking over. So, you’re going to want to stick to your neutrals which consist mainly of blacks, browns, grays and tans while throwing in the occasional olive green and maroon.

The key is also lightweight materials. I for one look forward to wearing turtlenecks and chunky sweaters in the winter and it really is bumming me out that it’s been to hot for them. So, layers are definitely the way to go. Pairing this navy romper with a lightweight sweater and the pop of color in the bag are perfect for this strange weather that we have been experiencing, and it’s extremely comfy as well.

One Simple Change: The best part about this look though is just by removing the cardigan and replacing it with a leather jacket you can take the look from a warm winter day to a warm winter night out.