As a recap of the year, 2015 was a great time for men’s fashion. One of the trends that was seen all over campus this winter was layering. Fashionistos are struggling with the effects of global warming and do no know what is appropriate to wear day to day to keep warm. Layering has always been a chic solution to this predicament. Men are finding out how to achieve these winter looks while also staying polished and relaxed.

I spotted Brendan and immediately wanted to talk with him about his outfit. I noticed how he was following trend with his layering and wanted to get a closer look. Beginning our discussion I noticed he was wearing a regular short sleeve polo as a base piece. Normally others would play it safe with a neutral color so they can build off of it with other pieces, but Brendan took a risk and went with a wintery light blue. With his quarter-zip being the fashion piece, the creamy pigments make a bold statement. After appreciating his knit pieces to keep him warm, my eye began lingering down towards his wrist and noticed his arm candy that consisted of a watch with a chestnut brown strap and detailed stitching that brought a rustic feel to his overall winter look.

On his bottom half, a pair of well tailored navy blue pants create a preppy vibe for this fashionisto’s ensemble. While gray or brown might be the obvious choice during the dull winter months, he wants to stand out from a crowd and be daring with his pop of color. Transitioning to what many might see as the most important aspect of an entire look, shoes are said to be the window to a person’s soul. These Wing-Tip Derbys are an additional flare to an already put-together look, the glue holding it all together. The broguing detail brings to mind images of Ryan O’Neal in Love Story, emulating a Harvard scholar on a college campus.

One Simple Change: To make this look go from winter to spring, ditching the quarter-zip and replacing the polo with a cotton button-down lightens up the fabric. Bringing more color into the look to exude a spring vibe with yellows or greens also brings more life and a feeling of a new season emerging once again.