WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It seems that, at least for me, weekend outfits happen with a lot of spontaneity and often some music. For example, say you wake up on a brisk Saturday morning and Big Pun comes up on your playlist, now we’re talking New York ’90s swag with a contemporary twist.

Now, it may have happened that this Fashionisto, (who’s from New York) had Yeezy bumping when he decided to get dressed and pulled out the wheat Timberland’s instead of the black ones. Either way we’re looking at a major trend that seems to come and go, but never really disappears: denim on denim.

This outfit is structured very neatly around a solid blue and beige color palette that takes cues from streetwear culture. Take a look at how the light wash denim is working with his wheat Timberland’s; by taking his jeans and finessing the high cuffs, the silhouette of the Timberland boot shows perfectly, which is a very nice touch to an otherwise preppy look.

As you move up toward the top of the outfit, pay attention to how everything seems to stand out and yet still maintain balance. This is because this Fashionisto is using color to his advantage. Peep the light gray textured sweatshirt that sits on top of a darker navy blue layer underneath. This contrast is brought forward by the light beige sports jacket that covers his denim shirt—all while keeping with a neat line of symmetry (the denim shirt seems to be on the same layer as the denim pants). This outfit is a perfect weekend outfit because its structured, yet casual enough to work for just about any occasion.

One Simple Change: Fortunately my friends, this outfit is extremely versatile. If you’re going out at night, zip up the jacket and grab a beanie. There will be less for the eye to focus on in low light conditions so why not clean up the fit and stay warm? Hope you enjoyed reading, stay blessed ya’ll ?.