WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

February 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Weekends are a great time to do things that you do not normally have time for during the week while you are juggling schoolwork, extracurricular activities and perhaps an actual job. These weekend activities may include homework, hanging with friends, catching up on a Netflix series or going on an adventure. The perfect outfit for the weekend is one in which you can easily go from lounging around to running about! This Fashionista got it right with her comfy tank top, oversized cardigan, army green khakis, fluffy socks and Timberland boots.

For just lounging around the house, apartment or dorm, this Fashionista can hang out in her comfy, trendy pants and tank top. With the heat on and maybe a fuzzy blanket, this getup is perfect for just “chilling.” Of course, winter is cold, so if she gets chilly but still wants to be comfortable, she just has to add her oversized cardigan and fuzzy socks to keep her warm. Living in Pittsburgh, it is not uncommon to want to explore. There are many museums to see on Pitt’s campus or downtown as well as other areas such as Squirrel Hill or Shadyside. This Fashionista knows how to dress for that occasion, too! All she has to do is add her Timberland boots, and she is ready to walk around town. Then, to add a little shine, she adds a long-hanging necklace and some rings. Now, she’s trendy and stylish and ready for action. This outfit is perfect for almost any adventure.

One Simple Change: If you are going for more of a fitted look, you can swap the cardigan for a zip-up jacket to cover more of your mid-drift area and close tighter around your waist. making a nice and casual look for brunch. To create a more comfy look, you can swap the Timberlands for UGGs, as well.