WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Waking up on a Friday morning is unlike waking up any other day of the week. The sun is peeking through your windows and your spirit is uplifted. The weekend has approached and you’re most likely subconsciously muttering “thank god it’s Friday” under your breath. You might even celebrate by listening to Rebecca Black’s namesake anthem. After all, there are a million ways to spend your weekend. From lying in bed and watching Netflix to hanging out with your friends, the leisure of summer is on your side. However if you want to multitask by running errands and hanging with friends, this Fashionista wears the perfect outfit to do both.

To beat the summer heat this Fashionista opted for a single strapped olive flowy dress. Dusters and long cardigans are have been all the craze this season; this Fashionista has incorporated this trend effortlessly by pairing her dress with a long nude cardigan. By keeping the color palette of her outfit neutral she looks fresh and put together.

This Fashionista keeps her accessories at a minimal. She dons a cute crisscross and a midi ring. She also chose to add a little more detail to her outfit by wearing cute round earrings. My favorite accessory however is her round sunglasses. By keeping true to the neutral color palette they pull the whole outfit together making her look effortlessly chic.

One Simple Change: To accommodate your nighttime plans, leave the sunglasses at home and add a bit more edge to your dress by pairing it will cut out laced up booties.