WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

So if you’ve read my articles before, then you might be able to tell that I’m nowhere near East Carolina University. Okay, I lied. Maybe I’m more than a little. Let’s just say I’m about 12 hours away in a well-known area called Miami! This just so happened to be a random trip that was easy to talk me into because who doesn’t love ocean views and 80-degree weather? Winter weather has been a drag and this spring break trip helped me remember that warm weather is right around the corner!

While lying on the beach, I noticed this casual Fashionista who is perfectly dressed for the blazing sun. I couldn’t help but notice the long flowing T-shirt that has high slits which blow with the breeze. The white top clings to her silhouette. It functioned as a stylish top and bathing suit cover up. She also has on a casual pair of denim shorts and large sunglasses. Shades are a must for weather like this and it can never hurt to pick out a few for everyday of the week. When picking out the perfect bathing suit don’t forget the cover up should be equally as cute!

This look is perfect for a day at the beach and once you’re done with the water, switch into an outfit like this and you’ll be able to strut down the runway. Oops, I mean change out of the bathing suit and grab something to eat with your friends! I’m also loving her low maintenance hair style that’s perfect for after leaving the beach.

One Simple Change: It starts to get a little chilly outside and you hate being cold. What’s a girl to do? No worries. Just throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and you will still feel stylish and comfortable!