WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weather has been so unstable in most parts of the country. This makes it hard to know or plan what to wear ahead of time. If you get lucky and get good weather this weekend, here is an example of what you can wear. I found a Fashionista enjoying the perfect weather in style. The best thing about her look is that it’s comfortable and versatile.

This week’s Fashionista made sure she was ready for anything. She made her look comfortable with a pair of faux leather leggings and knit sweater. The colors of both of these made a great combination. The light blue made this outfit perfect for daytime and bright enough for a nice day. This sweater also has a necklace integrated into the neckline. This necklace has neon yellow colored stones, which match the earrings. The leggings added a more dressed up feeling to the entire look. She also added a ring as an accessory for a more personal touch. Finally, this week’s Fashionista finished up this look by adding a leather jacket. This jacket makes this look perfect for those days that are colder than you expected. This would be a great garment because it’s removable. If the temperature was to change within the same day, you can simply take it off or put it on.

One Simple Change: The day goes well and it seems like all your girlfriends had a great day, too. You all end up planning a girl’s night out. Change the sweater for a black, fitted V-neck. This will give you not only an all-black look but also a perfect night out outfit.