WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Even though we all want to spend the cold winter weekends bundled up in bed, we Fashionistas have to emerge every once in a while! More often than not, it is difficult to create an ensemble that is cute, casual and warm without bulking up with a bunch of layers.

This Fashionista mentioned that she celebrated her birthday this past weekend, giving her quite the excuse to gallivant around campus with her friends, despite the cold weather. She is wearing a berry Old Navy sweater with black high-waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters. The sweater is unique because it strays away from the classic cable knit pattern that is used for knitwear. The pattern almost resembles honeycomb, with its geometric hexagon shape. To give the outfit some personal flare, this Fashionista layers a kate spade pearl and crystal necklace with a long, gold pendant. The outfit is competed with a pair of brown Steve Madden combat boots. The sweater and jeans combination ensures that you will keep warm, but still fashionable, for a weekend of walking around campus and going out to dinner with friends.

Even though your bed will be calling your name on a cold weekend, wearing a cute, comfortable outfit will make bracing the elements more bearable.

One Simple Change: With cause for a more formal birthday celebration, you can switch the pullover sweater with a cardigan and blouse, as well as riding boots. This will create a fancier ensemble, but still keep you warm and comfortable on a cold night.