WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

There is just something about this Fashionisto’s look that makes me very nostalgic. I wouldn’t exactly classify his style as “grunge” or “punk” as I am receiving city vibes that prove his tastes are nowhere short of eclectic (maybe a dash of electropop and Kendrick Lamar). Somehow, what his outfit reminds me of are my indie-alternative/emo, pop/pop punk days when I would desperately wait until Friday to grab my most beat up Converse, hit up the local music scene and mosh with the guys till early Saturday morning; but nevermind my flashback. Let’s talk about this Fashionisto.

As I started conversing with this Fashionisto, I instantly received good vibes. Appreciation for Topshop and Topman? Check. Appreciation for magenta ombrés? Check. Laid back undertone and demeanor? Check. Interesting shades I can borrow/steal? Check. This dude was super cool in my book and could definitely join the squad!

For those of you Fashionistos loving this ensemble, all you have to do is grab a black T-shirt with gold foil details, a matching cap, some staple black skinny jeans, a cozy leather bomber jacket, suede ankle boots and funky round shades. You can totally recreate this Fashionisto’s look! Maybe even be more adventurous and take it to the next level by dip-dyeing your ends in grape Kool-Aid for that rad ombré of his!

One Simple Change: Thinking about reliving your punk days this weekend? Put away your messenger bag, and switch up the ankle boots for some Vans if you’re planning on hitting the mosh pit!