WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Everyone remembers the wonders of weekends as a child. Childhood weekends were for watching the best cartoons and eating more than one bowl of cereal for breakfast. The weekends have a bit of a different feel in college. Sure, the cereal thing is still the same, but the days of watching cartoons are long gone. As a college student, weekends are for accomplishing what couldn’t be done during the week. Grocery shopping, cram studying, off campus interviews and essay writing have long since replaced those sunny mornings in front of the television. Not to worry—your childhood can still live even though you’re stuck doing much more adult activities. All you need to do is take a cue from the cool graphic look this Fashionista’s rocking.

While our favorite cartoons practically exploded with color, it’s best to stick to a black and white color scheme when going graphic. The sleek, black leggings and shoes make this Fashionista’s look sophisticated without dialing down the rad effect of her sweatshirt. In fact, the blocking effect of the purely black and white color scheme makes the look even edgier.

It’s also important to consider comfort when dressing for the weekend. Whether you’re out and about or busy relaxing after a long week, it’s essential to put your comfort first. I can imagine that this graphic sweatshirt is as comfortable as it is cool. Considering the details of an item when choosing a look for the weekend can make or break the outfit. If these leggings were a basic polyester blend or this sweatshirt was plain white, this Fashionista’s look would not have been nearly as rad as it is.

One Simple Change: If your errands for the day include spending time at the library, add an even more cartoon-y aspect to your look to make the experience a little more light-hearted. This character phone case is a great accessory that serves this purpose, as is a classic cartoon printed tee.